General aim:

Aqueduct wants to improve the acquisition of the lifelong Learning transversal key competences in schools through heritage education.

Operational aim:

The project aims to build teacher capacity for competence oriented education in a heritage context.
Aqueduct offers access to an attractive and effective environment for transversal key competence oriented education based on multidisciplinary project work and offers a low threshold heritage entrance to lifelong learning. Schools and teachers will turn easier to heritage providers when the learning opportunities are well oriented towards key competence acquisition and fit into the curriculum.

The project also wants to take lifelong learning out of the classroom and involve cultural and heritage actors from the local and regional community. This involves a broader engagement of society (the social, civic, cultural net) in the learning processes and as such contributes to social cohesion, active citizenship and intercultural dialogue.
Aqueduct aims to promote and enhance the transversal key competence acquisition of youngsters by offering a motivating and accessible environment for doing so and by offering the teachers, trainers and heritage providers the right material and training for implementing it.